PLENTY, AND THEY’RE THIRSTY. Hip Tastes launched in 2006 with the simple mission of helping real people get to know real wine, one great party at a time. San Francisco Magazine called Hip Tastes "Wine Without the Snob Factor" - its founder Courtney Cochran named "San Francisco's Most Wanted Wine Guru" (C Magazine) - and the Hip Tastes book (Viking) snagged props for its approachable style (SF Chronicle).

Now, we want to share the good stuff more directly with HIP TASTERS across the land - and so we created the first HIP TASTES wine - 60-30-8-2 - in early 2012. The Zinfandel blend was officially released in the Bay Area Nov. 3, and its label - a mashup of Pop Art and street food culture - is already turning heads with its graphic technicolor cool. [SOLD OUT - NEW WINE TO BE RELEASED SUMMER 2013]

We're ringing in Spring 2013 with a whole new chapter: HIP TASTES Wellness. This series takes a look at practical approaches to wellness topics like cleansing and yoga, while keeping in mind that Hip Tasters like to stay in balance (read: drink their wine when the time is right!). Check the events page for upcoming happenings.