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Scroll down for easy to use tutorials like Wine Words 101, Taste Like a Pro, DIY Tastings and Shop Til You Drop.

Wine Words 101   download >>
Do wine words like malolactic and deacidification make your head spin? You’re not alone! Download this comprehsive listing of the most commonly used (and abused) wine terminology and get ready to sound like an educated hipster.

Taste Like a Pro   download >>
Wonder what all that swirling, sniffing and gurgling is about? Get the answers here, in this easy-to-follow wine tasting tutorial that will whip you into tip top tasting shape in no time.

DIY Tastings   download >>
Throw fabulous wine parties on your own! Choose from three hip tastings and get the low down on everything from stemware and supplies to decorations to wine and food pairing suggestions.

Shop Til You Drop   download >>
What wine tutorial would be complete without instructions on the all-important topic of shopping? Download this comphrensive guide and discover where to find your favorite and hard-to-find wines.